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What is the Difference between Teeth Whitening and Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth whitening and teeth cleaning are two of the most common dental procedures that many patients confuse as the same procedure. However, the two could not be more different in terms of their goals and procedure. According to Dr Mike Ghiami, the head of Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket: teeth whitening newmarket sun lake dental care

Teeth cleaning is done with the objective of removing tartar and plaque from the tooth surface to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. On the other hand, the objective of teeth whitening procedures is to remove discolouration and stains to give the tooth a whiter sheen. Teeth whitening procedures are for the most part cosmetic while teeth cleaning procedures are critical in keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

How we can help

At Sun Lake Dental Care we perform both cleaning and whitening procedures. Dr Golnaz Fazeli, the dentist and clinic manager is always happy to explain the procedures to you including which one would be best for your needs. Our dental technicians are trained and licensed professionals who will clean and polish your teeth to achieve the desired result.

We also do provide same day cleaning and whitening appointments at competitive prices so that you can have your best smile without any inconvenience.

Types of Teeth Cleaning

  1. Prophylaxis
  2. Root Scaling and Planing

Options for Teeth Whitening

  1. Whitening Trays
  2. In-Office Whitening

Types of Teeth Cleaning


Prophylaxis is a preventative measure that is intended to monitor and improve the health of your teeth. The process usually starts with the dental hygienist using an X-ray machine to look for any issues in your teeth.

The hygienist will also conduct a thorough oral exam to check for any problems on your teeth and gums. Next, they will use picks and scrapers to remove any plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Once they have gotten rid of the tartar they will polish your teeth to remove any leftover plaque and stain to give you that gleaming smile.

Teeth whitening and teeth cleaning Newmarket

Teeth whitening and teeth cleaning dentist in Newmarket

Root Scaling and Planing

Sometimes called advanced cleaning or deep cleaning root scaling and planing is a procedure designed for patients with gum disease. The tools for root scaling are not that different from those used to perform prophylaxis though we at Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket typically use scalers to clean off tartar and plaque below the gum line.

Since you have gum disease and possibly pain, the hygienist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area that is to be cleaned. If you have advanced gum disease you may have to visit the clinic several times as we will clean the mouth in stages at each appointment.

You may need dental scaling rather than the regular prophylaxis if you have the following symptoms:
Pockets between the gums and teeth

  1. Loose teeth in the jaw
  2. Bleeding gums when you floss or brush
  3. Sore, swollen and red gums
  4. Chronic bad breath that is resistant to mouthwash, flossing or brushing

Types of Teeth Whitening

Whitening Trays

With whitening trays, the hygienist will make a mould of your mouth, which will then be used to make custom whitening trays. We will then give you these trays and a bleaching solution to take home with you. You will wear the trays containing the solution for a set period of time each day (typically between 30-60 minutes).

You will see the results after using the whitening trays consistently for several days.

In-office Whitening

This will be the best solution if you happen to have serious discolouration and staining. While there are different formulas most in-office whitening treatments follow a similar procedure. Using a toothbrush a bleaching solution is applied onto the teeth, which is then activated using specialized laser light.

Depending on the extent of staining and discolouration you could have great results in one or two sessions each lasting between 150-60 minutes.

ZOOM Teeth Bleaching Equipments: Is it Worth the Price?

Dental experts have various expert whitening systems to select from for their individuals. All of these bleaching systems have one-of-a-kind qualities however dentists’ criterion for picking the appropriate product is its degree of performance.

Philips Zoom is the only professional lightening system with ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Because of this unique formula whitens, it additionally: provides enamel security, lowers the levels of sensitivity and aids boost radiance. Whitening with ACP indicates stronger teeth, higher comfort as well as much better results for your people.

Many people that seek instant teeth bleaching locate Zoom bleaching to be the very best alternative. The in-office treatment is completed within an hour while our experts recommend a comprehensive assessment and also teeth cleansing prior to Zoom lightening. The pain-free procedure entails applying Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel and also Zoom light that accelerates the action of the gel. The Zoom lamp allows extra oxygen to go into the outer enamel layer to get rid of the spots while the framework of the teeth is undamaged.

There are three fifteen-minute sessions overall, as well as a fresh layer of gel is applied for each session to accomplish optimal teeth whitening.

Below is a listing of some professional bleaching items dental practitioners as well as experts favour. The sort of whitening laser or light is confined in parentheses.

cosmetic dentistry near me

  • BriteSmile (gas plasma light/light-emitting diode).
  • LaserSmile (a Biolase laser).
  • LumaArch (halogen light).
  • Rembrandt Sapphire (plasma arc light).
  • Zoom! (steel halide light).

Zoom Teeth Whitening System is a complete teeth whitening system. The stated manufacturer provides dental experts with major bleaching things: the tooth whitener, the whitening laser, as well as even a number of the all set to use and also single-use items for people that your dentists need when using the Zoom! Lightening therapies. Dental professionals typically pay around $ 1,500 for the system.

Prior to determining whether Zoom in-office teeth whitening is right for you, your dental professional will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and also periodontal to ensure appropriate health, as well as talk with you concerning your dental hygiene as well as way of life routines to figure out if you will certainly benefit from lightening. This will certainly help you and also your dental expert agrees on the bleaching item or technique that’s ideal for you.

Like several other bleaching systems, the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System uses specific a peroxide-based gel and its given activator. These two materials are incorporated together throughout the lightening process developing bleaching gel that is very fundamental (has a pH variety that is typically between 7.5 and 8.5) and is 25% hydrogen peroxide.

The Zoom! Teeth bleaching item utilizes a steel halide light made from excited mercury atoms to trigger and also boost the bleaching service integrated above. Furthermore, the steps that make up the treatment do not necessarily vary from various other specialist lightening systems.


One extra function of the Zoom! Laser light device is integrated with an infrared filter that assists decrease the strength of light can be found in contact with the teeth throughout the treatment. Nevertheless, Zoom! Lightening light can brighten the lower as well as the top set of teeth simultaneously while the option is being applied on the teeth’s surface area.

The complying summarizes some crucial characteristics of this expert lightening system.

  • The total therapy typically takes about an hour as well as 30 minutes.
  • Each bleaching session, which lasts for 20 minutes, is separated into 3 different applications of the Zoom! Teeth whitener.
  • To put it simply, the contact of a person’s teeth to the whitening gel is one hour.
  • After the treatment, instructions on how to use added lightening items and/or tray-based teeth whitening products are given to individuals so they can extend the whitening process also outside the dental facility.

Now below comes the essential question, “Should you go with the Zoom! Bleaching System?”.

This is a resolution that needs to be discussed between you and the dental expert that will carry out the whitening treatment. The required information was currently lost to you in this write-up. Normally speaking, numerous dental experts depend on this product as this is, according to most of them, an outstanding product to name a few competitors.

Besides, this item is created by a business that seems to have the sincerest objectives of producing a credible product considering that dental professionals should maintain their excellent track records. Whatever outcomes happen to a person after using the Zoom! Teeth lightening system, it needs to be as outstanding just like any other premium professional teeth bleaching systems.


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