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We at Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket believe that root canal is essential in relieving pain. Therefore, you may save your tooth through our root canal services to get yourself back to eating and smiling again. So, what is the meaning of the root canal in relation to dental services? 

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Root Canal Service

A root canal is a procedure in dentistry that is most commonly related to endodontics. Essentially, it is a procedure performed to patients with tooth infections that are related to the nerves within the root of your tooth.

Our procedure aims at removing the affected nerves which when left there without proper treatment, they can cause an infection. And this can make it even worse by turning into an abscess. Of course, you don’t wish to experience that when we are here to help you.


How can we help you through our root canal services?

At Sun Lake Dental Care, we are more than willing to assist you with our top quality root canal therapy in order to get you back to your normal conditions. Our help involves a team of professionals with years of experience in dental canal procedure and we can rest assure you that your tooth will be saved to give you peace of mind.

We understand the whole structure of your tooth, from nerves to arterioles all the way to tissues and in case of any damage, we will make sure we help you find the quickest remedy with our a root canal procedure. After all, our priority is saving your natural teeth in a professional way.


What are the processes involved in a root canal?

Root canal procedure is essentially a 4-step process where our treatment is performed over 2 office visits as follows:

  • First of all, we will administer local anaesthesia to make the affected tooth numb. Though a little painful especially the area the needle goes in, this discomfort will take a short while. Once numb the endodontist will proceed with placing a dental dam to isolate the tooth with the aim of keeping it dry and clean during the procedure.
  • Using a small drill, one of our dentists will access the inner section of the tooth by drilling an opening at the top part of the affected tooth. Then the dentist will clear away the diseased pulp and eventually use a solution of antimicrobial to get rid of bacteria completely.
  • After the chamber in your tooth is cleaned and dried, the next step will be to fill it. One of our dentists will use gutta-percha (the rubber-like material) to close the opening at the top of your tooth while waiting for the permanent crown to be placed.
  • Finally (after 2 weeks) our dentist will carry out the last procedure which involves the use of a permanent crown to cover the top part of your tooth. Also, the dentist may need to have a small supporting post placed inside the root chamber to stabilize the crown or the restoration.


Final Thought

Even though root canal offers a long lasting remedy to your tooth problem, taking good care of your gums and teeth after the procedure is even better to avoid any future complications. With our available root canal services at Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada you should never let your damaged tooth give you sleepless nights or deny you a smile on your face.



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