Restorative / Rehabilitative Dentistry

What Is Restoration Of Cavity?

It is normal for teeth to experience wear and tear or get damaged. Restoration of cavities is a standard treatment to restore you’re damaged, or decaying teeth to their normal function and form, the dentist identifies the exact dental problem and undertakes to remove the worn or damaged tooth.

The affected area is thoroughly cleaned and then a new filling substance in the form of either composite or amalgam fillings is used for restoration purposes. dental restoration or dental filling

How We Can Help?

Our dental care clinic based at Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket Ontario, Canada. The clinic is equipped with a team of specialized dental practitioners. We apply advanced technology to identify tooth decay and any other issues related to your dental health and restore the damage done to your tooth’s enamel.

Types of Restoration Cavities:

  • Composite filling
  • Amalgam filling
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crown
  • Dental Bridge
  • Dental implant

Composite fillings involve restoration by which the material being used is closely matched to the colour of your tooth. This kind of cavity restoration is a suitable treatment for highly visible teeth issues because they provide a more natural appearance.

The required substances are mixed and placed right into the cavity, where they instantly harden This treatment provides the best durability of small and medium cavities and is mostly used for the treatment of decaying, as well as repair a chipped and broken tooth.

Amalgam type of treatment is used more moist areas of your cavity. The fillings are usually silver in colour. This kind of fillings is quite resistant to the usual wear and tear and is also less costly; even so, they’re more noticeable because of their usual darker colour.

Dental veneers are an immediate solution to mostly front teeth that appear stained, badly shaped, or crooked. Here, pieces of porcelain or any other appropriate material that often matches the colour of your teeth are bonded onto your tooth, and it covers most of the tooth. Generally, this kind of restoration is meant to cover and mask adverse defects of the cavity. Veneers are quite durable and the colour doesn’t fade easily.

A dental crown is another restoration option for decaying, weak, and cracked teeth. Again, if you have had a root canal, a crown can be used to restore it.

Dental Bridge is a custom-made treatment to replace one or more missing teeth, and usually, they appear more natural and provide you with a proper bite.

The dental implant is a modern technology that is designed to mimic and simulate the root of your tooth while acting as the foundation for your artificial tooth. This type of restoration treatment can be applied to replace a missing tooth or to support a bridge.


There various types of cavity restoration treatments and solutions. But only your dental doctor can advise you objectively on the type of treatment that is appropriate for your condition.

For more information on the restoration of cavities, contact us any time.


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