Why the majority of our clients preferred our oral surgery service in Newmarket?

Do you desire to face oral surgery and need some information that will assist you to be more knowledgeable about the procedure before you utilize it? If yes, this context will offer some facts about oral surgery which will be vital with your dental wants. 

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SunLake can help with oral surgery

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry which focuses on the diagnosis as well as treatment of the conditions of the mouth and jaw structures requiring surgery.

One of the most common types of Oral Surgery is Tooth Extractions (simple/complicated).

Tooth extraction is a dental treatment plan that may need the removal of one or more teeth to lessen crowding in the mouth and attain the optimum result. Some of the factors that may require you to undergo tooth extractions include:

  • Having partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth
  • Having teeth which are beyond repair and either resulted by root fracture, tooth decay, or trauma.
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Supernumerary teeth or baby teeth that disrupt permanent teeth eruption
  • Preparing a patient for orthodontic treatment


Why Our Clinic is a Known Oral Surgery Service Provider in Newmarket?

Our clinic Sun Lake Dental Care is located in Newmarket, Ontario. We are an expert cosmetic dentistry service provider that offers a range of services including oral surgery, x-ray, cleaning, dental exam and other dental services. The head of our clinic Sun Lake Dental Care is Dr Mike Ghiami. If you will consider our dental services, there are a number of benefits you are assured of including:

1. High-Quality Facilities and Skilled Dentists

Our clinic is equipped with top-notch tools and we have expert workers that are well-trained and qualified enough to handle a range of dental tasks. If you will consider our dentistry services, our professional team of dentists will utilize their inordinate skills plus the great dental facilities we own and give you impeccable and exceedingly desirable outcomes in a quick and safe manner.

2. Very Experienced

An experienced health centre offering oral surgery and other dentistry services will definitely give you great outcomes than newcomer businesses in this line of profession. Sun Lake Dental Care has established a number of years ago and we have helped very many people by giving them impeccable dental results once they consider our services.

Therefore, be sure you will be liaising with professionals that are qualified, competent and very experienced once you consider our services.

3. Affordable Services

Apart from guaranteeing you with top-notch dental solutions that are flawless and durable once you consider our services, we also assure you we will give you inexpensive quotes as charges for our services that you can afford.

Bottom Line

For more information about our clinic including the other services we offer or how you will find us when the need arises, kindly contact or call us for a consultation and quote on all our services.


Meet Our Team in Newmarket

At SunLake Dental Care Dentistry in Newmarket, our entire team is dedicated to your comprehensive care with advanced, modern technology. We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful smile.

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Dental Care for The Whole Family

Providing cosmetic dentistry in Newmarket Ontario, our genuine passion for dentistry and artistry shines through in the smiles of every patient that walks through our doors.

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