Dental Night Guard / Mouth Guard

What is a dental night guard?

Do you have jaw or teeth pain? And do you wake up in the morning with a headache? If so, you need to visit Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket for an inspection. You might be in need of a night guard. Dental Night Guard Newmarket

There are various reasons to have dental night guards. A night guard is a small piece of plastic designed to fit around the teeth (Custom made). The guards are small to fit in your palm. They are made of clear plastic to ensure they are not noticed when you wear them. This means if want to save your teeth but you mind about appearance, dental night guards can help.


Why do you need to wear dental night guards?

If you normally grind your teeth while sleeping, wearing a night guard is a good way to prevent any damages to your teeth. Keep in mind that you only get a set of permanent teeth. Hence, preventing them from damages is a good decision.


What are the benefits of wearing a dental night guard?

There are various benefits of wearing a night guard. Some of the benefits include:

* Preventing teeth from damages – if you had some repairs done on your teeth or some work was done to improve your dental system, grinding of teeth can change everything. Teeth grinding can make the teeth crack, chip or wear down. Fortunately, a dental night guard will prevent damages when your teeth grind at night.

* Treating TMD – severe teeth grinding can lead to TMJ problems. This is a disorder that can cause pain and discomfort around the jaws. Some people experience sore jaws and occasional headaches in the morning.

If you feel you might be suffering from TMJ problems or your jaws ache while eating, visit Sun Lake Dental Care for an examination by Dr Mike Ghiami. It is important to wear a night guard to treat TMJ problems and prevent the teeth from grinding while you sleep.

* Reducing discomfort – teeth grinding at night can cause toothache and a headache in the morning. Therefore, if you normally wake up feeling uncomfortable or in pain in the morning, this is a sign that you grind your teeth at night. At, Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket, we have realized that most of our patients feel good after wearing a dental night guard. The crucial thing is to wear the guards every night.


Are dental night guards comfortable to wear?

Dental night guards can be comfortable if you get custom night guards. Happily, by visiting our clinic, you will have a dental examination to create guards that match your measurements.


How long will a dental night guard last?

If you get a high-quality night guard, it can last longer. Most dental night guards available in stores are not designed to last for long. However, by getting one from Sun Lake Dental Care in Newmarket, you can be assured it will last for several years.

Dr Mike Ghiami also recommends that you store your night guards in a safe place and have a hard case to keep it when not in use.


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