Invisible aligners at Sunlake

Do you need braces but don’t think they’ll look good on you? Or are you not willing to go through the hassle of braces? Well, invisible aligners are the best choice for you. But you should have a little background knowledge about this before you make any decisions.

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What is a Invisible aligner?

Invisible aligners, or clear aligners, are orthodontic engagers that are clear and help align your teeth. The engager does the job that braces do,
but the invisible aligner is much easier and more flexible to use compared to traditional braces.

Pro’s and con’s of invisible aligners

It’s always good to look at the Pros and Cons of something before you buy something, and it’s no different for invisible aligners;

invisible aligners pros and cons

Braces vs Invisible aligners

Invisible aligners were mostly made for people who don’t want braces. Maybe it’s because of the way they look or maybe they’re afraid it’s going to hurt, but comparing the two will give you the answer of which one suits you best.

At Sunlake, we recommend braces for the more severe cases, since invisible aligners can only do so much. If you are a person who wants their teeth fixed quickly, then invisible aligners aren’t the best for you since they take more time than braces. The reason for that is that braces have more force, so the teeth straighten faster, but since invisible aligners are for teeth with small gaps, it would take more time for them to close, but braces would do the job quicker.

When it comes to food, both aligners and braces have a downside. Since aligners can get stained easily due to the fact that they are clear, eating and drinking anything other than water can give them color. But aligners are often a good decision because you can still eat anything you want, unlike braces, where your diet is limited due to the fact that they can pop. Both aligners and braces have downsides and upsides. It’s up to our doctors and patients to consult about it.

The cost

The cost of the procedure can vary; it depends where you go, if you do it in-office or at home, and the severity of your case. Since you need to replace the invisible aligner around every two weeks, So if you have a more difficult case and need the invisible aligner longer, the more money you’re going to pay,
but if it’s a small problem and it’s fixed very quickly, you won’t need to pay as much. At Sunlake, the treatment can be a minimum of 3,000 for a three-month treatment and go up to 6,000 dollars.

Taking Care of your aligner

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to maintain a clean and clear aligner, such as:

  • ➔ Don’t wash with hot water (instead use lukewarm or cold water)
  • ➔ Don’t eat or drink anything other than water while wearing your invisible aligner, since it can stain very very easily.(remove it before you eat)
  • ➔ Wash it with mild soap and not toothpaste
  • ➔ Good oral hygiene, if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene bacteria can grow on the surface of the invisible aligner
  • ➔ When you need to take your invisible aligners out don’t forget to put them in your case, so that they don’t become dirty
  • ➔ Keep a strict routine of cleaning your Invisible liners(so that bacteria can’t grow)
  • ➔ Use mouthwash

Does Sunlake offer this treatment?

Yes we do! At Sunlake we do this treatment occasionally, our process is taking molds of your mouth (top and bottom) and sending them to a lab called Clearcorrect where they use the molds to make invisible aligners then they send it back to us and we send it to our patients.

If you’re considering getting an invisible aligner, Sunlake is the best option for you, a check-up and consultation with our doctors, Dr. Mike and Dr. Goli are highly recommended, so that they can find the most suitable treatment, either aligners or braces



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